Finding Genuine Fifa 16 Hacks and Coin Generators

fifa-16-leo-messi-2016-official (1)

Fifa 16 is a widely anticipated football simulation game by EA Sports. Unlike Fifa 15, Fifa 16 includes female footballers like Morgan Leroux, Abby Wambach, etc. Fifa 16 is also said to have better gameplay, better graphics and a more realistic range of motions for the footballers. It’s scheduled to be released on September 2015 for Windows Computers, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

People have been wondering if hacks and coin generators will be made available for Fifa 16. Because of this, a lot of shady programmers have taken advantage of the popularity of Fifa 16 to trick people into visiting their sites, answering surveys, or even installing malware into their system. Because Fifa 16 has not been released yet, it’s highly unlikely for programmers to be able to create hacks and coin generators that would surely work. Considering that it’s already quite hard to find genuine hacks and coin generators for Fifa 15, genuine hacks and coin generators for Fifa 16 can be quite a stretch. Some programmers do have access to the beta versions of Fifa 16 and may be able to create legitimate hacks and coin generators, but take note that because Fifa 16 has not yet been released, the final product could have certain safeguards for most cheats generated before its release.

If you’re set on finding genuine hacks and coin generators for Fifa 16, here are some of the signs that a site or a program is legitimate:

  • It doesn’t ask you to answer surveys – if any site or program claims to have genuine hacks and coin generators for Fifa 16 but asks you to answer surveys with the excuse that they have to control their site’s traffic and prevent spambots from messing with their site, chances are that the site doesn’t actually have what you need. Surveys only generate money for the site owner. Remember that when a site asks you to answer surveys, the site itself can’t really tell whether you’ve already answered the survey or not, which makes it an unviable form of authentication. If they really want to safeguard their site, they could have easily used CAPTCHA, which could easily ward off spambots and other illegitimate site traffic.
  • It doesn’t contain rhythmically repeated keywords or phrases – if a website contains badly written articles with rhythmically repeated keywords or phrases that don’t really make a lot of sense, chances are that the website just wants the top spot in Google search without actually having the content you’re looking for.
  • It doesn’t have one-size-fits-all comments – an easy way to tell whether or not a website contains genuine content is through the site’s comments. Oftentimes sites that don’t contain genuine content will have comments that can actually be used for any other game or application. Here are examples of a one-size-fits-all comments:
    • I like it! Thank you
    • I’ve been looking for this! It definitely works!
    • It’s hard to find a working Fifa16 Coins Hack, but this one works!

It’s hard to scour the Internet for genuine hacks and coin generators, especially for a game that is yet to be released. Just remember that whenever a site or a program makes claims that seem too good to be true, it most likely is.